La Haine (with Live Score by Asian Dub Foundation) TBC

La Haine (with Live Score by Asian Dub Foundation) TBC


8:15 pm - 10:30 pm


City Hall Ballroom. See venue details and map...


This year sees the 20th anniversary screening of this tense, black and white drama that depicts a day in the lives of three friends in their early twenties in the aftermath of a riot. The three are from immigrant families living in an impoverished multi-ethnic French housing project in the suburbs of Paris and their story looks set to take a bleak turn when one of the men finds a police officer’s discarded weapon.

with live soundtrack by ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION

Asian Dub Foundation’s recent re-staging of their live soundtrack to La Haine acted as a catalyst to forming this amazing current line up and performing their trademark fusion of punk rock, electronic beats, reggae, bhangra and hip hop.


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